Brokenness that God can use to shine through

Y’all would probably like to know what kind of blog this will be. Well, it’s going to start off, at least, as a variety of topics. Anything that catches my fancy is fair game (although some names may be changed or generalized to protect the privacy of others). Some likely post topics will be things I discover on walks, memories made through music, craft projects, mental health issues, funny things kids say or pets do, insights from my devotions or other readings, situations from my past, ways that God can use our brokenness, etc. This list could keep going on and on and on and on and … You get the picture. Over time this post may become more focused on a specific genre/topic and that’s okay. But to start, it’s going to be a mysterious mix of wanderings through my mind. (That could be a fun, beautiful, or scary prospect depending on your own frame of mind.)

Since we’re going to be wandering through my mind, maybe y’all would like to know a little bit about me. I’m a Pennsylvania gal who loves music, people, worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ, working on craft projects, learning about a wide variety of topics, and helping others in anyway I can (not necessarily in that order). I have gone through many trials in my past … some of which you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you the details. I have a masters’ degree in clinical psychology and enjoyed counseling others. Currently, I am unable to work due to a chronic nerve pain condition … Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). Although doctors have told me there is no cure for RSD, I tell them that they don’t know how powerful my God is. I hold on to the hope that God can cure me of the RSD, but I also accept that it may not be His Will to do so. He may have other plans for using me through the RSD and that is okay with me also. Either way, I’ll be cured when I get to see Jesus face-to-face in Heaven. God has walked with me and delivered me from many trials. I have been fractured greatly in my life, but God can shine through the brokenness. I am “Victoriously Broken”.

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